This program is specifically designed for students appearing for EQAO tests. It offers additional training and support for all the subject matter covered in these tests, so students can be better prepared and more confident in their skills. Most parents and students don’t have much experience with these tests and don’t know how to prepare. We have trained the educators who know the EQAO exam process and understand what your children need to know.
What is the EQAO Testing?
The Government of Ontario requires students to complete assessments at different stages of their education to ensure they have a good grasp of the subject matter. These tests are focused on key skills like writing, reading, and mathematics. All of these assessments are conducted based on the Ontario school curriculum at different levels, including:
  • Primary division assessments - The primary division assessments test the reading, writing, and math skills of students, they are expected to learn by the end of Grade 3.
  • Junior division assessments - The junior division assessments test the reading, writing, and math skills of students, they are expected to learn by the end of Grade 6.
  • Grade 9 Mathematics assessments - This assessment is for students working to gain credit in Grade 9 Academic or Applied Mathematics. The test will assess whether the students have good competency in the aforementioned subjects according to the Ontario Curriculum.
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Tests - This test is for 10th Grade students and it assesses whether students have the minimum required understanding across all subjects they have learned up until Grade 9.
How do our Teachers Help?
  • Discover any skill gaps the child might have and create a plan to cover them.
  • Identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and work with them on those problems.
  • Mentor children through assignments, mock tests, and other EQAO content to ensure they become familiar with the format and subject matter.
  • Help make the students more confident by providing them support, better study techniques, and good time organization techniques.
  • Students will be assessed in every EQAO preparation class, so the teachers understand how well they have grasped the subjects and where they need help.
  • Parents will always receive feedback from educators. Parents will also be able to discuss their concerns and requirements with teachers.
What Does the Training Program Include?
This customized program includes all the subjects and components required for the EQAO tests. Our trained educators will help your child develop a good foundation in the following subjects:
  • Reading - This includes vocabulary, comprehension, and retention.
  • Writing - The educators will help the student develop grammar, paragraph writing, and punctuation.
  • Math - This will include number sense and numeracy, measurement, patterning and algebra, geometry and special sense, and data management and probability.
All our educators have the same goal and will want to make sure that students are prepared for the tests and don’t face excessive amounts of stress during the preparation process.
If you want to know more about our tutoring programs here at MegaMind Learning Centre, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.