Megamind Learning Centre franchise has so much to offer to our franchise owners. Besides the various advantages of being a Megamind franchise owner, there are so many things that we can offer you that many other franchises cannot. Here are just a few of the amazing things we can give you when you become a part of the Megamind family:
Yes, that’s right. With your investment into our program, you are receiving our full support. This means giving you the ability to select the site that you wish to establish your new Megamind franchise, and we will help with its development. We have experts who are able to develop your site fully and create your Megamind Learning Centre exactly as you envision it. You will not have to worry about hiring developers and spending thousands of dollars more on top of your original investment. 
To help you stay on top of your business, including tutors, students, expenses, etc., Megamind will provide you with our state-of-the-art management software which is used in all our Megamind franchises and has proven to be useful and successful. We will even train you in exactly how to use it and how it can benefit you and your business.
We will provide you with full marketing support to get the name out there and establish clientele in your area. We have already established a marketing strategy that works for our brand, and we will be there to aid and guide you in marketing your new branch.
Unlike other franchises, we do not just hand over the reigns and leave you to it. Our comprehensive operations manual is a step-by-step guide that will lay out the guidelines, standards, and explain the Megamind way of doing things. As a new business owner, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, but we do our best to leave you in good hands and with a full grasp on our concepts, ideas, and ways of operating.
We are here to support you in every way. We will take the time to ensure that you and your staff are fully trained so operations at your site run smoothly. We offer trainings online, as well as in person, and will make sure that you are fully equipped to run a Megamind Learning Centre yourself. Not to mention, our trainings are ongoing. When we develop a new course or concept, we will personally train you and your staff on how to execute it. You will always be up-
Our curriculum has been improved with time and plenty of testing. We believe in our pedagogy and believe in the success of students who have been exposed to it. That being said, we provide you and your team with a proprietary adaptive curriculum to bring into the classroom.