For a number of different reasons including school budget cutbacks, fewer teachers, crowded classrooms, standardized tests, failing test scores, and increased global competition, the tutoring industry is booming. This, along with the fact that parents are actively taking responsibility and becoming more involved with their children’s education, makes it only logical that this improvement is taking place. Surveys from The Star have found that more parents across Ontario are opting for private tutoring. Around 1 in 3 families, to be exact.
According to Global Industry Analyst, Inc., amid the Covid-19 crisis, the Private Tutoring market worldwide is set to grow a whopping US$105.9 Billion in the next few years. This number, of course, represents the market worldwide, but Canada represents $1 Billion of the industry and held against the global market, the Canadian market is still relatively untapped. There is significant room for growth in the Canadian Private Tutoring market.
The industry presents an exceptional opportunity for supplemental education providers - especially Megamind Learning Centre franchise owners whose businesses are built upon a solid pedagogical foundation, who are well trained, and who are continuously supported with research leading to new, innovative, and responsive programs. The market continues to grow and becoming part of a franchise that specializes in supplemental education for students is not only lucrative, but extremely rewarding. Allowing students their right to education, and their parents the gift of helping their children succeed is an amazing thing, for them and yourself.
Parents and educators alike know the importance of boosting a child’s self-esteem as a basis for success. This is exactly why our programs are designed the way they are and are frequently updated to fit our students’ needs. Your students at Megamind Learning Centre will learn how to learn— this is what sets apart Megamind Learning Centre from traditional tutoring or childcare learning facilities. Students build on every success, increasing their confidence with each achievement. At Megamind Learning Centre, we understand exactly how important that is, so our programs are specifically designed to encourage children and foster their growth.

As a Megamind franchise owner, you will inspire young minds by offering solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. By using our researched and time-tested methods and materials, your students will not only have the capacity to learn how to learn, but the competency to use their newfound skills to excel in the classroom, improve their grades, enhance interpersonal relationships, and reach their goals. Successful students and their grateful parents lead to an abundance of referrals.