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647-927-6463 (MIND)
Unit 5, 10990 Chinguacousy Road
Brampton, ON, L7A 0P1
(Intersection: Wanless & Chinguacousy)
  • Areas Covered: Brampton & Georgetown
    Welcome to Megamind Learning Centre, a premier facility for Brampton tutoring and Georgetown tutoring, dedicated to empowering students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through Grade 12. Our expert tutors provide tailored learning experiences in a nurturing environment to help students unlock their full potential. We offer support in various subjects including Math, English, Science, and French. With our flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and proven teaching methods, Megamind is your child's pathway to academic success.
  • Abacus Math Tutoring

    Introducing Megamind Learning Centre, your go-to destination for Abacus Math tutoring in Brampton and Georgetown. Serving students from Ages 5 years to 13 years, our skilled instructors help develop a strong foundation in mental math, fostering the growth of young mathematical minds. Experience the ancient yet powerful tool of the abacus, which enhances focus, memory, and calculation skills. Megamind's flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and engaging approach make mastering Abacus Math enjoyable and attainable.
  • JK and SK Tutoring

    Megamind is the premier destination for Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK) tutoring in Brampton and Georgetown. Our nurturing tutors are dedicated to fostering a strong foundation in early learning, empowering your child with essential skills for a lifetime of success. From reading and math to social development, Megamind's tailored approach ensures a seamless transition to elementary education. Experience the advantage of flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and our proven teaching methods for young, curious minds.
  • French Tutoring (JK-Grade 12)

    Explore Megamind Learning Centre, the leading French Tutoring hub in Brampton and Georgetown from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Our experienced educators are passionate about instilling confidence and fluency in the French language for students of all ages. With personalized lesson plans tailored to individual needs, Megamind ensures your child thrives in reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension. Embrace the benefits of flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and an immersive learning environment as your child masters French with ease and enjoyment.
  • English Tutoring (Jk- Grade 12)

    Discover Brampton and Georgetown's top destination for English tutoring catering to students from Junior Kindergarten (JK) through Grade 12. Our passionate educators are dedicated to fostering language mastery and confidence, with personalized lesson plans tailored to individual needs. From reading and writing to grammar and comprehension, Megamind's proven teaching methods ensure your child's success. Experience the difference of our flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and supportive learning environment.
  • Math Tutoring (JK-Grade12)

    Discover the premier Math Tutoring destination in Brampton and Georgetown. Our expert tutors are dedicated to helping students of all ages conquer the world of numbers with confidence. From basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, our personalized lesson plans cater to individual needs and foster a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Experience the benefits of flexible scheduling, affordable pricing, and a supportive learning environment as your child achieves math mastery at Megamind.
  • EQAO Preparation Classes

    EQAO is an Ontario government-administered test to determine a student’s level of competence in all subjects in Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 9. These assessments are important steps in a child’s education career, which is why additional assistance from experienced tutors is beneficial. Our experienced tutors in Brampton can help your child prepare for the primary division, junior division, Grade 9 math, and Ontario secondary school literacy assessments.
  • IB-IBT-SCITECH Prep Classes

    We also offer Brampton tutoring for IB. IBT, and Sci-Tech school programs. We’ll prepare students for entrance tests, regular tests in these curriculums, and broaden their perspective on different subjects. Introducing course material from different curriculums can also challenge students.
  • Homework Help (JK-Grade 12)

    Working parents can’t dedicate much time to children. They constantly look for effective ways to keep kids engaged, entertained, and productive. Our homework club program is an effective solution. This facility in West Brampton supports students of all ages, providing kids with mental stimulation. We also supplement school education, refining their grasp on tutoring in English, math, and science.
  • Academic Summer Camp

    Academic summer camps don’t just focus on textbook education, but also on exploration or experimenting. Our tutors awaken a child’s curiosity and imagination, encouraging them to explore different subjects. Our summer camps in Brampton camps provide a more hands-on experience so lessons are more memorable. We focus more on STEM-specific topics, helping children develop a better understanding of science, math, technology, engineering, and related fields. We don’t replicate standard classroom education in our summer camp so your children aren’t attending summer school. Our goal is to stimulate the mind and ensure children explore different subjects in unique, interesting ways. TA more comprehensive look at these subjects outside regular education can motivate students to explore more.
  • High School Tutoring

    Our well-trained and certified educators are familiar with the local high school curriculum and can offer the students all the support they need. They can perfectly supplement the formal high school topics and concepts to ensure students understand what they need to without enduring any additional burden. Our advanced math tutors are experienced and they can help your older kids find easier ways to solve complex problems.

    Subjects We Cover
    • Math tutoring for grades 9 - 12
    • Functions and Advanced Functions
    • Calculus and Vectors
    • English tutoring for grades 9 - 12
    • Tutoring in Data Management and Probability
    • French Tutoring
    • Science Tutoring
    • Biology Tutoring
    • Chemistry Tutoring
    • Physics Tutoring
    • OSSLT prep
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Join our team of passionate individuals with strong communication skills and availability to work evenings and weekends. Megamind Learning Centre is constantly seeking dedicated professionals to contribute to our exceptional tutoring services. If you fit the bill, please email your resume and we will promptly get in touch with you.