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Does My Child Need a Math Tutor?

Tutoring for children struggling with mathematical concepts

Math classes can be intimidating for a lot of students. Whether it’s elementary math or something more complex, math is an academic subject that can stress students out. If your child is struggling with mathematical concepts, tutoring can be a viable option for you to consider. In Ontario, Megamind Learning Centre offers math tutoring in Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, and Caledon for your child to receive help when needed.

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Here are some signs that your child may be struggling in math:

  • Their math results are poor.
  • They get very stressed while working on math homework.
  • They spend more time than necessary on a math question.
  • They procrastinate on any math work.
  • They do not want to talk about math inside or outside of school.

If you identify any of these signs in your child, you may want to consider signing up for a math tutoring program.

How can tutoring help my child?

Many parents often have misconceptions about tutoring, such as:

  • Tutoring is meant for help with homework only.
  • Tutoring may be designed as one-size-fits-all and is not customized to your child’s needs.
  • Only struggling students can benefit from tutoring.
  • Only young students can be tutored.
  • Tutors just give out the right answers without necessarily teaching the student.

Such misconceptions often prevent parents from seeing the value of tutoring. In reality, math tutoring programs offer struggling students several benefits that can enhance student performance and boost academic success. Tutoring sessions may also help students work ahead of their class and thoroughly understand the content.

Tutoring ensures individual attention

Tutoring will give your child individual attention, making it possible to plan lessons based on your child’s level of understanding. This is difficult in traditional classrooms with many students. However, in smaller tutoring groups, the tutor takes your child’s unique learning style and level in to consideration, making it easier for them to learn difficult concepts.

Tutoring helps your child better understand new concepts

Tutors don’t just help children with homework; in-fact, they teach them new concepts in a manner helpful to their learning and encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Practicing these skills will help students improve in the chosen subject while building a strong foundation in mathematics.

Tutoring strengthens math foundation

Having a strong foundation in math is important. Whether it be calculating the cost of items or noticing shapes in our daily lives, our world runs on math. A weak foundation will make it difficult for your child to perform basic calculations needed in everyday life and in their classrooms. Due to this, your child may not perform too well in math classes when they reach high school as concepts only get more complex. Tutoring will give them the additional support they need to strengthen their math foundation, making it easier for them to pick up more complex concepts in the future.

Tutoring clear doubts in a stress-free environment for your child

Classrooms can intimidate a child. Your child may refrain from asking questions in the classroom due to fear of judgment which can cause them to go through an entire lesson without clearing up any confusions. This makes a concept even more confusing to them. With a tutor, they have the comfort of knowing that they are in a stress-free environment and will be more open to clear their doubts, especially in a smaller group.

Tutoring changes your child’s attitude towards the subject

The benefits that your child derives from math tutoring can be instrumental in changing their attitude towards math. When students gain confidence in a subject, they are more likely to view it positively. Greater positive perception will help them in their future learning.

Tutoring helps students transition better

Transitions in a child’s daily life such as changing schools, neighbourhoods, or even family stressors can impact their performance in math. Your child can get some much-needed support to ease these transitions with the help of a tutor. Tutoring can bring them up to speed with the math lessons taught in the new school and ensure they are not falling behind the rest of their class. Tutoring can also give students an advantage by teaching new concepts and bringing them ahead of their class.

Tutoring puts students in control and boosts confidence

Through tutoring, your child can realize that hard work pays off and that they are in control of their learning. They no longer have to feel overwhelmed by external factors that may affect their performance in math. A clearer understanding of concepts improved problem-solving and critical thinking skills will help them gain confidence in their ability to solve math problems. This can give their self-esteem a great boost.

Tutoring builds healthy habits

Math tutoring helps struggling students build a lot more than just math skills. Students can learn healthier studying habits and learn to manage their time better as they incorporate tutoring into their daily schedules while also making time for other activities.

Tutoring can improve their test scores

The most direct measure in the effectiveness of tutoring is seeing an improvement in the assessment scores of students. Students struggling in math can benefit from concepts being simplified, more practice, and a positive learning environment. These factors can result in higher grades.

You can even enroll your child in the Abacus Mental Math program where their math skills will be sharpened. Your child will be carrying out complex mathematical operations without using a calculator.

How to find the right tutor for your child?

To experience the above benefits, you need to ensure your child has the right math tutor. You need to consider the:

  • Credentials of the tutoring organization.
  • Level of experience of tutors.
  • Tutoring approach.

You need to be very clear about your child’s needs and establish clear goals for what you want the tutoring classes to achieve. You must also understand your child’s learning style. It is important to make sure the tutor chosen is the right fit for your child.

Your child’s schedule may already look quite full, so ensure you select a tutoring option that offers flexibility and convenience for you and your child. It is recommended that you talk to prospective as well as selected teachers. There are some essential questions you should ask them before and even after signing up for their service.

Before signing up, you need to know how your child’s progress will be measured, along with other details about the tutor. Once a tutor has been selected, and they have worked with your child for a while, you can ask them about your child’s study habits, struggles, and any suggestions they may have to ease the learning process for your child. You must also keep track of your child’s progress through tutoring and identify areas of improvement for your child. At Megamind Learning Centre, our tutors give feedback to the student’s parents or guardians after every class. This ensures that everybody is kept on the right page in regard to the child’s academic learning.

If you want to know more about our math tutoring programs here at Megamind Learning Centre, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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