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FIF3U, Grade 11 French Immersion (University)

FIF3U, Grade 11 French Immersion (University)

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Course Description

This course provides opportunities for students to communicate and interact in French with increasing independence, with a focus on familiar topics related to their daily lives.

Course Code: FIF3U
Course Type: University Preparation
Format: Online School Course
Prerequisite: FIF2D, Grade 10 French Immersion
Co-requisite: None
This course provides opportunities for students to consolidate the communication skills required to speak and interact with increasing confidence and accuracy in French in a variety of academic and social contexts. Students will use their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing and apply language learning strategies while exploring a variety of concrete and abstract topics. Students will increase their knowledge of the French language through the study of French literature from around the world. They will also deepen their understanding and appreciation of diverse French-speaking communities, and will develop skills necessary for lifelong language learning.