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OVS3O, Fostering Digital Literacy

OVS3O, Fostering Digital Literacy

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Course Description

This free course helps grade 8 students become well-versed in the basic elements of digital literacy.

Course Code: OVS3O
Course Type: Open
Format: Online School Course
Prerequisite: None
Co-requisite: None
Today’s generation use internet search engines every day, but do they know how to use them to find valid academic sources? This module will help students explore various online tools that make researching easier and more effective. We will also explore the concept of netiquette. Students will learn how to properly communicate through email, both professionally and informally. Finally, students will be educated on the dangers of plagiarism and how they can avoid developing the kinds of bad habits that may lead to it! Related citation and formatting styles, including MLA, will also be discussed.