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OVS4O, Supporting Mental Health

OVS4O, Supporting Mental Health

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Course Description

This free course teaches students the importance of practicing good mental health throughout high school.

Course Code: OVS4O
Course Type: Open
Format: Online School Course
Prerequisite: None
Co-requisite: None
Today’s fast-paced digital world has placed an increased importance on practicing good mental health. This module is designed to help support students as they navigate the evolving complexities of our digital world. Here, students will learn how to protect themselves online and how to create a digital identity. They will learn how to use social platforms for professional purposes and how to manage the risks associated with these platforms. We will also discuss how students can work on recognizing their own behaviours and develop self-management skills to cope with stress. Finally, this module will explore what to do if you are in a crisis situation or are experiencing cyber bullying.