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LKBCU, Grade 11 Mandarin

LKBCU, Grade 11 Mandarin

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Course Description

This course explores a broad range of themes and ideas expressed through calligraphy, short stories, food, and Chinese holidays.

Course Code: LKBCU
Course Type: University Preparation
Format: Online School Course
Prerequisite: Simplified Chinese Level 2 - or equivalent
Co-requisite: None
This course prepares students for university studies in international languages. Students will be provided with abundant opportunities for increasing their competence and confidence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin, while developing their creative and critical thinking skills through exploring and responding to a variety of texts in multiple forms. Students will enhance their ability to use Mandarin with clarity and precision, and will develop the language skills needed to engage in sustained conversations and discussions, understand and evaluate information, read diverse materials for both study and pleasure, and write clearly and effectively.