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Unit 8, 3955 Erin Centre Boulevard
Mississauga, ON, L5M 0H1
(Intersection: 9th Line & Erin Centre Blvd)
  • Our Offerings at our Ninth Line location
    Schools provide comprehensive education, making sure your children learn new things that can help them lead productive lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough as school teachers can’t dedicate a lot of time to every student. Parents need to supplement their child’s education at home, sitting down to complete their homework together, helping kids understand more difficult concepts, etc. Modern parents won’t have enough time to spare, which is why they hire Mississauga tutoring experts for the task. At Megamind Learning Centre, we have a great team of tutors who are familiar with the Ontario curriculum. They will make sure your child has a good understanding of all subjects.
  • Abacus Math

    At Megamind Learning Centre, we offer abacus math tutoring services in Mississauga for students who are interested in learning mental arithmetic skills. Our experienced and knowledgeable tutors use the abacus math tool to teach students the principles of mental arithmetic, improving their ability to perform calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Kindergarten Tutoring (JK-SK)

    Most parents don’t feel the need to appoint tutors at this stage, but many experts recommend it. Early childhood is a great time to learn as a child’s brain is very receptive to mental stimulus. Our tutors will help young students develop a good foundation in reading, speaking, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. This can have a positive impact on their future education.
  • Math Tutoring (JK - Grade 12)

    Math becomes more challenging and difficult to learn as students progress through their school careers. Eventually, they need more support to understand concepts like calculus, functions, and high-level math. That can become more difficult if they don’t have a good command on this subject from the beginning. We offer Mississauga tutoring from Grades 1 to 12 so students have a consistent grasp of this subject.
  • English Tutoring in Mississauga

    Even if English is your native language, children need assistance to understand it, build vocabulary, and develop reading comprehension. Our tutors assess your child’s level of competence in this language before helping them fill in all gaps. A good understanding of English has a lifelong impact, allowing people to communicate better.
  • French Tutoring (JK - Grade 12)

    Most parents in Mississauga don’t have enough experience or knowledge of French to support their child’s education. They can’t correct pronunciations, answer questions, or ensure their child develops a good command of this language’s basics. That’s where we can step in to help. Our Mississauga tutoring experts know how to help students develop competence in this language.
  • High School Tutoring (Grade 9 - 12)

    Our high school tutoring services cover a range of subjects, including calculus, algebra, geometry, chemistry, physics, and more. We work one-on-one with each student to provide immediate feedback and guidance, helping them to become more comfortable with difficult concepts and improve their grades.
  • IB / IBT / Sci-tech Preparation Classes

    Ontario curriculum is used in most Mississauga schools but some follow IB, IBT, or Sci-Tech fields. Our Mississauga tutoring experts can help student studying in or wishing to study in these institutions. We will make sure your child learns the additional information from new curriculums well.
  • EQAO Exams Preparation Classes

    The EQAO assessments are conducted by Ontario government; the objective is to ensure students have enough competence in one level of their school education before they can progress to the next level. Our tutors can help your child prepare for this examination; making sure kids are confident and can pass with flying colors.
  • Academic Summer Camp (JK-Grade 12)

    Our academic summer camps provide elementary, middle and high schools students with the skills and self-confidence to improve their grades and give them an academic edge. This is a great opportunity to give your child a head-start for their next grade and allow them to benefit from the positive results of an academic atmosphere. These fun-filled weekday mornings every week will focus on the transition of participants to the next grade and gear them to keep their academic skills in reading, writing, and math strong over the summer.

    At Megamind Learning Centre, we strive to help our students achieve their full potential at Megamind Learning Centre. We believe that every student deserves a place where they can learn and grow. Above, we have revealed many options for you to choose from, be sure to choose the program that best suits you or your child’s needs. Feel free to visit us at the Mississauga location.
  • Homework Help JK- Grade 12)

    Working parents don’t have enough time on their hands to keep children engaged immediately after school. Many choose to add their child to our after school program. Tutors will keep children engaged and supplement school education in subjects like Math, French, and English.
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