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  • Mississauga - Ninth Line Location
    At Megamind Learning Centre, we engage quality educators who use the best teaching styles to provide the best education for our students. The educators at Megamind Learning Centre have been in the teaching business for many years. Therefore, they have learned about the subjects from personal experiences and the experiences of other educators, coupled with years of learning by observation.
  • Our Offerings
    We offer a wide variety of courses, which include: ◆ Abacus Mental Math Classes ◆ Kindergarten tutoring ◆ Math Tutoring ◆ English Tutoring ◆ French Tutoring ◆ High School Tutoring ◆ IB/IBT/Scitech Preparation ◆ EQAO Exam Preparation ◆ Academic Summer Camp
  • Abacus Mental Math Classes
    Mental Math essentially involves teaching a student how to solve a math problem without using any physical tool such as a pencil, paper, calculator, or electronic device. Your child can solve problems mentally after learning Abacus Mental Math.In reality, mathematics is restricted to the left side of the brain, which processes logic and language. However, Abacus Mental Math stimulates the visual, aural, and tactile senses. It actively promotes the growth of the left and right hemispheres, each responsible for different aspects of creativity and sensory perception. In a short amount of time, learning the abacus enhances the student’s mental arithmetic skills as well as the student’s understanding of the notion of numbers. Evidently, Abacus Mental Math classes have proven to be effective over the years, with results backed up even by research.
  • Benefits - Abacus Mental Math
    We offer a wide variety of courses, which include: ◆ Mastery of Mathematics: The student's ability to mentally conduct mathematical calculations increases significantly with regular practice on the abacus and visualization techniques. This makes it very easy for student to master basic mathematics, above and beyond all of their peers. Our mathematical classes here in Mississauga use special abacus methods and techniques to help kids improve academically. ◆ Improves memory and the ability to focus Well-known studies have found that teaching youngsters to use an abacus is beneficial, especially when it is done on a regular basis. Students who received abacus instruction were shown to have excellent levels of concentration and memory. Additionally, because the tool was mentally pictured, it aided in memory retention. ◆ Promotes logic understanding for day-to-day activities Aside from improving the student's ability to use logic in solving mathematical problems within the four walls of the school classroom, mental math also seeps its way into day-to-day activities in that it helps the student implement the logic for normal, day-to-day scenarios.
  • Kindergarten Tutoring (JK-SK)
    Kindergarten tutoring is a very important part of a student's education. It provides them with the necessary skills they need to become successful in school, and it also helps them develop social skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Kindergarten tutoring at Megamind Learning Centre in Mississauga provides this kind of help to students who need it most. We know that the classroom can be challenging for some students, and learning new things can be frustrating and even traumatic. This is why we offer our students one-on-one attention from teachers and certified specialists who are dedicated to helping each student succeed. Our philosophy is simple: if you want your student to succeed, then you must take an active role in their education. Our program focuses on building a strong foundation for academic success by providing students with the tools they need at their fingertips to grow and develop properly in knowledge. Kindergarten tutoring has many benefits for students who participate in it. One benefit is that it helps students develop their reading skills at an early age so that they will be better prepared when they enter elementary school. Another benefit is that it prepares students by teaching them basic skills like counting and letter recognition so that they do not struggle during their transition into middle school. In order to effectively provide kindergarten tutoring, one must first create an environment where students feel comfortable being taught reading and math by experts. This is exactly what we provide in kindergarten tutoring at Mississauga. Below are some of the perks of Kindergarten tutoring in Mississauga: ◆ Learning how to read, write, and how to spell properly ◆ Learning math skills like addition and subtraction ◆ Learning phonics
  • Math Tutoring (JK - Grade 12)
    Math tutoring is something that can be incredibly confusing for students and learners alike. But at Megamind Learning Centre, we know that this is an area where we can make an impact. Whether or not your student enjoys math, it is a necessary element of life at school and in the outside world. According to experts, having a math tutor as a member of your student's support team has advantages beyond just better grades. Math tutors at our location are skilled in teaching math and providing students with the tools they need to succeed in their math classes as per the Ontario curriculum. Math tutoring is a great way for students to improve their math knowledge and stay on top of their grades. There are many benefits to using our math tutoring services. For one thing, you'll have someone with whom you can work one-on-one to get the help you need. This means you won't have to worry about taking time away from your studies or missing out on important assignments because you're waiting for someone else to help. You'll also have access to an expert tutor who has experience helping students with all types of homework problems and assignments related to math courses taught at various levels throughout Ontario's public school system. Having a math tutor helps: ◆ Increase your student’s confidence: Utilizing a private math tutor demonstrates to your youngster how much you appreciate their effort. Their confidence will rise as they experience improvement. ◆ Provision of a solid foundation Early skills that are difficult to master will make learning increasingly complex topics more difficult. Looking for a math tutor who can do a math skills assessment would go a long way in giving your student exactly what is required for success. No matter what level a student is at, a qualified tutor will be able to strengthen their foundation. At Megamind Learning Centre - Mississauga, our learning environment is saturated with these kinds of tutors whose expertise and results have been tested over the years and are now trusted to produce the desired results. ◆ It gives a sense of control. Too many students believe that their math success results from uncontrollable outside forces, such as an easy test or a lucky guess of the correct answer. Your student will learn principles from a tutor that will increase their confidence in their capacity to manage their achievement. Increased performance conveys the idea that effort and diligence are rewarded.
  • English Tutoring (JK - Grade 12)
    English tutoring is a way to help students improve their English skills. English tutoring is a program where an expert teaches students the language and its grammar. In this case, the expert is usually a certified / qualified teacher who has undergone rigorous training. There are many benefits to getting English tutoring at Megamind Learning Centre, including: ◆ Students will get the personal attention they need. ◆ They will learn from an expert teacher who knows what works best for each student's learning style. ◆ English tutoring also provides students with a better understanding of how words are used in sentences, which helps them become more fluent in speaking and writing. ◆ English tutoring programs also provide students with extra help if they need it during the school year.
  • French Tutoring Classes in Mississauga (JK - Grade 12)
    The French language is incredibly complex, with its rich history and culture. It's also a language that has evolved over centuries, with its own unique grammar rules and vocabulary. That means that learning French can take some time—and even then, it's not something you can learn overnight. French tutoring is an effective way to learn French, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned language learner. But there is hope! Megamind Learning Centre offers French tutoring in Mississauga to help students of all ages and abilities improve their fluency in this highly-evolved language. Learning French should be fun, so we offer small class sizes and individual attention for each student who walks through our doors. French tutoring is a great way to improve your language skills and pick up new vocabulary words because French tutors will help you with pronunciation, grammar, and other aspects of the language. French tutoring at Megamind Learning Centre starts with an hour-long private lesson with a qualified teacher. The student will learn how to read, write, and speak French. The student will also practice their spoken communication skills in French by speaking with others during class time. The student will be able to take home all their homework assignments, so they can continue practicing at home. They can take as many lessons as they need in order to make progress in their language proficiency. At Megamind Learning Centre, we believe in providing our students with personalized attention in order for them to reach their goals and succeed in learning French. With Megamind Learning Centre's assistance, you'll be able to achieve your goals of learning French at your own pace.
  • High School Tutoring (Grade 9 - 12)
    What is High School Tutoring? High school tutoring is a form of one-on-one assistance that can help a student succeed in school. It is a great way to get help with homework, organize, and prepare for tests, or just learn a new subject. Many students feel overwhelmed when they first start high school. High School Tutoring helps students who are struggling with any aspect of their studies get the support they need to succeed. Benefits of High School Tutoring at Mississauga With all the distractions in life today, it can be hard to stay focused on finding success in high school. With High School Tutoring, our students gain valuable skills that allow them to succeed academically. High school tutoring is a way for students to improve their academic performance. It can be done in person or online, and it's not just for struggling students. Tutors can help students understand concepts such as how to solve problems and make good decisions, which is crucial for students still learning to think critically. High school tutoring will improve a student’s ability to learn and manage their academic workload. Students will learn to make study plans, hone their advanced techniques, and master time management. Having a tutor in high school has many advantages, including improving understanding of a topic of study and reinforcing prior knowledge. All these and more are made extremely easy with high school tutoring at Megamind Learning Centre, Mississauga.
  • IB Preparation Classes
    IB Exams Preparations Students can begin the IB program in Grades 6 or 9. Admission to this program is determined by previous class performance as well as the student's performance on the written response test. At Megamind Learning Centre Mississauga, we provide preparation lectures to help students prepare for the written response portion of the application process for IB schools. This program follows the conventional Ontario curriculum but strongly emphasizes on International Baccalaureate program.
  • IBT Preparation Classes
    IBT Preparation The International Business and Technology (IBT) Program seeks to expand students' education by integrating International Business and Technology by involving them in project-based, cross-curricular learning that incorporates technology and business concepts. The curriculum is meant to give students a foundation to ensure success in high school. At Megamind, we provide specialized workshops to help students prepare for the assessment exam required for admission to schools that offer IBT programs such as Allan A. Martin Sr. public school and Lisgar middle school in Mississauga. This program follows the conventional Ontario curriculum but strongly emphasizes on International Business and Technology. If you're looking for help with your IBT exam preparation, and don't know where to start, look no further than Megamind Learning Centre, Mississauga! We have been helping students prepare for this important exam for years, so we have some experience in what works and doesn't work when preparing for this type of test.
  • Scitech Preparation Classes
    Sci-Tech (STEM) School Preparation Nowadays, it's no secret that what you learn in school can tremendously impact your future. Many careers require a solid foundation of knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields. If you want to get ahead in your career or just stay updated with the latest trends in technology, it's important to know what it takes to succeed in these fields. At Megamind Learning Centre, we offer Sci-Tech (STEM) School assessment test preparation for admission to Grade 6. Our tutors are experienced professionals who are able to provide individualized attention and support for each student.
  • EQAO Exams Classes in Mississauga (JK-Grade 12)
    EQAO Exam Preparation EQAO is the Ontario Ministry of Education's standardized test, used to rank schools and districts. It is administered to students in Grade3 and Grade 6, and it tests students on their knowledge of core subjects (English a, mathematics) as well as their ability to apply those skills in real-world situations. The EQAO exam takes place every year in May/June. Students are tested on how well they can answer questions related to their chosen subject area. The best way to prepare for this exam is to work with a tutor! A tutoring Centre like Megamind Learning Centre has proven time and time again that they can help students get ready for EQAO exams. Our tutors are trained professionals who have been helping students score well in EQAO exams for years.
  • Academic Summer Camp (JK-Grade 12)
    Our academic summer camps provide elementary, middle and high schools students with the skills and self-confidence to improve their grades and give them an academic edge. This is a great opportunity to give your child a head-start for their next grade and allow them to benefit from the positive results of an academic atmosphere. These fun-filled weekday mornings every week will focus on the transition of participants to the next grade and gear them to keep their academic skills in reading, writing, and math strong over the summer. At Megamind Learning Centre, we strive to help our students achieve their full potential at Megamind Learning Centre. We believe that every student deserves a place where they can learn and grow. Above, we have revealed many options for you to choose from, be sure to choose the program that best suits you or your child’s needs. Feel free to visit us at the Mississauga location.
  • Homework Club Classes in Mississauga (JK-Grade 12)
    Working parents don’t have enough time on their hands to keep children engaged immediately after school. Many choose to add their child to our after school program. Tutors will keep children engaged and supplement school education in subjects like Math, French, and English.
New Batches for Tutoring & Mental Math
New Batches for IB / IBT / Scitech Preparation Classes, EQAO Preparation Classes, Abacus Mental Math and Tutoring starting now.
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