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Unit 105, 3485 Rebecca Street
Oakville, ON, L6K 1K5
(Intersection: Rebecca & Burloak Drive)
  • Tutoring in Oakville
    Schools have big classrooms and higher student-to-teacher ratios. Because of this, teachers can’t give students enough attention, which sometimes leaves gaps in education. Hiring Oakville tutoring professionals is a great way to handle these gaps. At Megamind Learning Centre, we have well-trained and experienced teachers who are familiar with the Ontario curriculum. They’ll offer ample support, supplementing your child’s education. Here’s a look at how our experts can help you:
  • Kindergarten Tutoring in Oakville
    A child’s brain develops at a rapid pace, creating new connections with every new experience. That’s why their early education should be handled carefully. Our experienced and reliable Oakville tutoring experts help children develop a solid foundation in vocabulary, spelling, phonics, reading comprehension, and similar skills. A good foundation only helps with future education, giving kids the ability to handle more complex concepts.
  • Abacus Math in Oakville
    Abacus Mental Math program is a brain development program that teaches students to calculate math problems mentally without using a calculator. Mental math is the ability to make basic calculations mentally without aid from calculators or writing things down. Most people have this ability; they just need to learn good techniques and practice. If students start learning this ability during childhood, it will stay for a lifetime, always assisting them in solving math problems promptly. This means students won’t have to take as many steps to resolve complex equations as most people do.
  • Summer Camp in Oakville
    Summertime is a great break for children. They don’t have to deal with the everyday stress of school and can spend time just enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very pleasant time for parents who have to keep coming up with new and interesting activities for their kids. At Megamind Learning Centre, we encourage parents to consider summer camp in Oakville. Academic summer camps are a fun and interesting way to keep children engaged productively, which is what most parents want. Our camps are well-planned, designed for students of all ages
  • French Tutoring in Oakville
    Developing a good command over any language requires time, effort, and support. Most parents can’t provide the required support while school teachers can only help so much. Our expert tutors help students in all grades develop a good foundation in this language. Your child will learn reading fluency, writing, spelling, comprehension, phonetics, and other aspects of French.
  • English Tutoring in Oakville
    English is the native language of many people in Oakville but students may still need some form of English tutoring. Our Oakville tutoring experts can help improve your child’s grasp of English. Kids will improve vocabulary and comprehension, developing reading fluency over time. A good foundation in English will help them in the future with all subjects.
  • Math Tutoring in Oakville
    Math is difficult to master and in most cases, school education isn’t enough. As teachers are forced to divide their attention between different students, they don’t have enough time to ensure all children have a good grasp on the subject matter. Our Oakville tutoring experts will fill gaps, making sure students understand a concept well before moving on to the next topic.
  • EQAO Exams in Oakville
    EQAO assessments are an important part of every child’s education. These tests are administered by the Ontario government to ensure students have a good grasp on different subjects before they’re allowed to move forward. Studying for EQAD exams can be stressful, which is where our classes can help. Experienced tutors will make sure your child has ready and confident in these assessments.
  • Homework Club in Oakville
    Homework club is our after-school Oakville tutoring program. Working parents can leave children in our care as they finish work day. The tutors will keep students engaged and mentally stimulated. We will also supplement Math, English, and French education, helping children understand these subjects better.
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