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Abacus Mental Math

Welcome to our Abacus Math Program, a fantastic opportunity for kids eager to boost their mental math skills. Our program is based on the ancient practice of abacus math and aims to help children unleash their mathematical abilities fully. We cover a variety of topics using modern teaching methods to ensure success. Whether it's laying a solid foundation in mental arithmetic or honing advanced problem solving skills, our Abacus Mental Math Program has all the tools to prepare your child for a bright future.

Discovering the World of Abacus Math and Its Advantages

Our program revolves around using the abacus, an age old calculating device with a rich history spanning millennia. Abacus math offers a hands on, visual learning experience that makes mathematics engaging and interactive. We highlight the numerous benefits of abacus math, such as;
  • Improved mental calculation skills
  • Enhanced concentration and focus
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Boosted confidence in math and other subjects
  • Development of both the left and right brain
  • Improved memory retention

A Comprehensive Approach to Abacus Math Education

Our Abacus Mental Math Program boasts an inclusive curriculum tailored for children across different age groups and proficiency levels. Our skilled teachers craft customized lesson plans tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, focusing on essential areas including;
  • Fundamental Abacus Math Concepts and Methods
  • Addition and Subtraction Techniques with the Abacus
  • Multiplication and Division Skills using the Abacus
  • Understanding Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Strategies for Mental Arithmetic and Problem Solving
  • Developing Critical Thinking Abilities
  • Enhancing Speed and Accuracy in Calculations
  • Exploring Advanced Abacus Math Techniques

Experienced and Trained Abacus Math Instructors

Our team of experienced abacus math instructors is committed to helping your child unlock their full mathematical potential. Every instructor undergoes a stringent selection process to ensure they possess the required skills and expertise to deliver high quality instruction. Our instructors specialize in;
  • Abacus Math Techniques and Approaches
  • Child Development and Learning Strategies
  • Effective Teaching Practices and Classroom Management
  • Assessment and Evaluation Methods

Interactive and Engaging Abacus Math Lessons

We strongly believe that learning abacus math should be an enjoyable and engaging journey for children. Our teachers use various engaging and interactive teaching methods to keep students motivated, such as;
  • Hands on activities with the abacus
  • Fun math games and challenges involving the abacus
  • Mental arithmetic exercises like Anzan and Power exercises
  • Guided practice sessions with individualized feedback

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Proven Success and Satisfied Students

Proven success stories and happy students are at the heart of our Abacus Math Program. Many students have seen remarkable improvements in their mental math skills and overall mathematical abilities, thanks to our dedication to excellence and personalized teaching approach.

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Payment Options

We believe that quality abacus math education should be accessible to all. That's why we offer competitive pricing options and flexible payment plans tailored to different budgets, including monthly group class packages, discounted bundles, special promotions and more.

Getting Started with Our Abacus Math Program

Ready to help your child unlock their full mathematical potential? Here's how to get started with our Abacus Math Program:
  • Search for the nearest location near you
  • Complete Our Online Registration Form
  • Schedule a Free Consultation and Assessment
  • Begin Your Child's Customized Abacus Math Program
  • Track Your Child's Progress and Celebrate Their Success
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FAQ - Abacus Math
What is the abacus method of math?
The abacus method of math is an ancient calculation technique using a tool called an abacus. This method involves moving beads across rods to perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In abacus math, each bead and rod represents a different numerical value, and the physical movement of these beads helps in developing a visual understanding of mathematical concepts. This method is known for enhancing mental calculation skills, improving memory and concentration, and offering a more interactive way to learn math compared to traditional methods.
What age group is the Abacus Math designed for?
The Abacus Mental Math Program is suitable for children aged 5 and above. Our experienced instructors create personalized lesson plans tailored to each student's unique needs, making the program suitable for children of all ages and skill levels.
How does the abacus help improve mental math skills?
The abacus is a powerful visual and tactile tool that helps children understand mathematical concepts more easily. By manipulating the beads on the abacus, children can perform calculations mentally, which enhances their mental arithmetic abilities, concentration, problem-solving skills, and overall confidence in mathematics.
Can my child learn abacus mental math online?
Yes, our Abacus Mental Math Program offers online classes conducted via video conferencing, allowing your child to learn from the comfort of your own home. Our advanced online platform features high-quality video and audio, interactive whiteboards, real-time chat and messaging, and screen sharing and document collaboration.
How long does it take to see improvements in my child's mental math skills?
The time it takes to see improvements in your child's mental math skills may vary depending on their age, previous experience, and individual learning pace. However, many parents and students report noticeable improvements within a few weeks to months of consistent practice and participation in our program.
What are the rules of the abacus maths?
Abacus math operates on the principles of place value and manual computation. Each bead on the abacus represents a specific value depending on its position and the column it is in, which corresponds to units, tens, hundreds, and so on.
What is the class size for the program?
We offer small group classes to accommodate various learning preferences. Small group classes typically have a maximum of 8 - 10 students, ensuring personalized attention and individualized feedback for each student.
How much does the Abacus Mental Math Program cost?
We offer competitive pricing. Please contact one of our locations to enquire about the group class packages, discounted bundles, and special offers.
What is the difference between vedic math and abacus math?
Abacus Math is a tool-based learning method that uses a physical abacus to perform arithmetic calculations. This hands-on approach is particularly beneficial for young children (aged 4-13 years) as it enhances their visual and tactile learning. The use of the abacus actively engages both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, promoting better brain development. It helps in improving concentration, memory, and visualization skills, which are crucial at this developmental stage. On the other hand, Vedic Math is more of a mental math system based on ancient Indian teachings. It emphasizes mental calculation techniques and shortcuts for arithmetic operations. While Vedic Math can enhance speed and mental agility, it might be more abstract and less engaging for younger children compared to the tangible, interactive nature of Abacus Math. In summary, for kids aged 4 to 13, Abacus Math is often considered more beneficial due to its interactive, brain-stimulating nature and its ability to develop foundational skills in arithmetic through a more hands-on and engaging method.
Is an abacus a good way to learn math?
Yes, an abacus is an excellent tool for learning math, especially for young learners. Using an abacus in math education can significantly enhance a student's ability to understand and perform arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It helps in developing a strong foundational understanding of numbers and their relationships. The tactile and visual nature of an abacus aids in improving number sense, memory, and concentration. Additionally, abacus math can make the learning process more engaging and interactive, which can foster a more positive attitude towards mathematics in general.
Is abacus good for brain?
Yes, abacus math is highly beneficial for the brain. Engaging in abacus math exercises can enhance mental calculation abilities, improve memory and concentration, and foster better overall cognitive skills. The practice of using an abacus requires coordination between visual, auditory, and tactile processes, which stimulates multiple areas of the brain. This stimulation can lead to improved mathematical skills, quicker problem-solving abilities, and enhanced memory. Overall, abacus math is not just a tool for calculation; it's a powerful means to boost brain function and cognitive development.
How can I support my child's learning at home?
To support your child's learning at home, encourage them to practice their abacus mental math skills regularly and provide a quiet, distraction-free environment for them to complete their assignments. Additionally, you can make use of the supplementary resources provided by our program, such as abacus math apps and the anzan book.
FAQ - Abacus Math
What is abacus mental math?
Abacus mental math is an engaging and effective educational tool, especially suited for children aged 4 to 13 years. This ancient technique of arithmetic uses an abacus, a tool comprised of beads and rods, to perform calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Learning abacus math enhances a child's ability to visualize numbers and perform mental calculations swiftly. This method is particularly beneficial for brain development in young children, as it stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, fostering improved memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Incorporating abacus math into early education can provide a strong foundation for future mathematical learning.
How does the Abacus Mental Math Program help with overall brain development?
The Abacus Mental Math Program promotes balanced development of both the left and right brain. The left brain is responsible for logical thinking and calculation, while the right brain is responsible for creativity, intuition, and visualization. By engaging both sides of the brain simultaneously, the program helps improve overall cognitive abilities, memory, and concentration.
Can the Abacus Mental Math Program help my child with their school math curriculum?
Yes, the Abacus Mental Math Program can supplement and enhance your child's understanding of their school math curriculum. The mental arithmetic techniques learned through the program can help improve your child's problem-solving abilities, speed, and accuracy in calculations, which can positively impact their performance in school mathematics.
Is abacus good for ADHD?
Using abacus math can be beneficial for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The abacus provides a tactile and visual way to learn mathematics, which can be particularly helpful for those who have ADHD. This tool encourages active engagement and concentration, helping to improve focus and attention span. Additionally, abacus math enhances memory and cognitive skills, which can be advantageous for children with ADHD. However, it's important to note that every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore, incorporating abacus math should be considered as part of a broader educational strategy tailored to the individual needs of the child with ADHD.
How do you assess my child's progress in the Abacus Mental Math Program?
Throughout the program, our instructors continuously assess and monitor your child's progress through a combination of informal assessments, quizzes, and practice exercises. Periodic progress reports and personalized study guides are also provided to help you track your child's improvement and ensure they are making progress towards their learning goals.

Performing mental calculations assist in enhancing the memory and improving the concentration of the child. Speed writing improves the reflexes of the child which helps them respond to the problems promptly, whereas oral calculations make the child an attentive listener. This program uses the multisensory techniques which involve coordination of visual (eyes), auditory (ears), kinesthetic (motor memory), and tactile (hands) senses to learn. This kind of multisensory teaching has been found to be very effective for students with learning disabilities as well. Overall, Abacus training provides assistance in making the child more confident and focused in the school.
Are there any materials or tools my child needs for the Abacus Mental Math Program?
Your child will need an abacus as well as various level books for the program, which can be purchased directly from the chief educator of your location.
Is abacus still useful today?
Yes, the abacus is still useful today, especially in the realm of abacus math. It serves as an excellent tool for early math education, helping children develop a fundamental understanding of basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The abacus aids in improving mental calculation skills, enhancing memory, and boosting cognitive abilities. In the digital age, while there are many technological tools for learning math, the simplicity and tactile nature of the abacus make it a unique and effective educational aid, particularly for young learners beginning their journey in mathematics.
How long is each abacus mental math class?
Each class is 2 hours in duration.
Can my child participate in abacus mental math competitions?
Yes, our Abacus Mental Math Program provides students with the opportunity to participate in various abacus mental math competitions and events. These competitions not only serve as a platform for students to showcase their skills but also help boost their confidence and motivation.
Can my child still benefit from the Abacus Mental Math Program if they have learning difficulties or special needs?
Yes, our experienced instructors are trained in working with children with various learning difficulties and special needs. They will create personalized lesson plans tailored to your child's unique needs and abilities, ensuring a positive and supportive learning environment.