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French Tutoring

Many parents struggle to help their children with French studies and homework because they don’t understand the language or haven’t developed proficiency in it. This means parents can’t supplement their child’s education with home studies, and that can compromise the latter’s understanding of the subject. That’s one of the reasons why many parents enroll their children in French tutoring programs here at MegaMind Learning Centre
What’s Included in our French Tutoring Program?
Our French Tutoring program is designed to ensure all-round development and competence in the language. It is based on the local Ontario curriculum and supports your child’s formal school education as well. Here’s what’s included in the program:
  • Oral communication - Developing fluency in oral communication isn’t as easy as developing it in written communication. Students need some form of immersion to gain good ground on the subject and we aim to provide just that.Develop a robust vocabulary that allows them to communicate effectively in French..
  • Reading fluency - Our educators will encourage students and help them develop reading fluency in a good amount of time. With encouragement and interesting stimulation in the form of books, students can develop reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Introductory French phonetics- French phonetics and pronunciation are very distinct and difficult to master. Our teachers will help lay down a good foundation for the language and ensure students understand French phonetics well.
  • Writing and spelling - Writing and spelling require good practice and guidance. Our educators use innovative and effective techniques to ensure students develop good writing and spelling habits. That will help them understand the language better down the line.
  • Vocabulary development -Vocabulary development requires time and patience. Our teachers will make sure students have a good foundation and are familiar with the most commonly used words. That will help them develop their vocabulary further.
Why Choose Megamind Learning Centre for French Tutoring?
  • We have qualified and certified mentors and tutors that understand the language well.
  • Our educators provide support through quizzes, activities, assignments, mock tests, and other such strategies to help students learn as much as they can.
  • The teachers can also contact your child’s classroom teacher and work with them on the student’s education. This allows our teachers to plan for upcoming school tests and other activities.
  • • All programs have a low student to teacher ratio so the child receives a lot of personal attention and guidance. That can help children who don’t do well in a regular classroom environment and need a different pace.
Parents can visit us for a free consultation so they can explore our system, speak with the teachers, and decide if we will be a good fit for their children. We provide extended French, immersion, and core French to students and will assess them when they join to understand where they are.
If you are looking for top-quality French tutoring services, look no further than Megamind Learning Centre. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our tutoring programs. We are committed to helping you achieve your full potential and succeed in your language learning journey.