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Brampton Math Tutoring

Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12
Mathematics has always proved to be a challenge for most students. Altough, parents and guardians try to help, but sometimes school math is hard for them too. These are some of the reasons most parents prefer to enroll with MegaMind Learning Center in Brampton. The team at our learning center includes qualified educators who help your children conquer just any kind of math challenge.

Our Math Tutoring Programs

We provide a all kinds of Math tutoring programs to our students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Our teachers are proficient in Ontario Curriculum. Our educators can handle:
  • Math Tutoring from JK to Grade 8 Our tutors would assist them in such a way that all number sense, geometry and spatial sense, data management and probability, measurement, patterning and algebra, and many other concepts become crystal clear.
  • Grade 9 Math Tutoring Grade 9 Math Tutoring will help in the understanding of 9th-grade mathematical concepts, amongst which the following are salient: numbers sense, linear relations, algebra, analytic geometry, and measurement.
  • Grade 10 Math Tutoring The prime focus in the tutoring will include quadratic relations, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and other concepts usually done in Grade 10 mathematics.
  • Grade 11 Math Tutoring This includes all its topics covered in this grade, for example, functions and applications, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, etc.
  • Functions Tutoring This tutoring includes exponential and logarithmic functions, polynomial and rational functions, trigonometric functions, etc.
  • Calculus Tutoring Our teachers help students learn about derivatives and some of their applications, geometry and algebra of vectors, the rate of change, and other aspects of calculus.

Homework Help

We help students in completing their math homework, if they need extra support. Our math tutors will help your child understand the concepts to help improve their grades.

Summer Math Programs

We know that learning can't stop just because the school year ends, so that is why we offer summer math programs. Let your child continue growing in and building upon his math skills, even while on summer vacation. Our summer programs are a great way to ensure your child stays sharp for the next school year.

Get free consultation & Assessment worth $150 in Brampton

What are the Advantages of Enrolling Your Children?

  • We maintain a low student-teacher ratio, which would mean all the students could get individual attention from the educators.
  • Our tutors can also liaise with the teacher from your child's school on your request. That is for us to keep track of how the child is faring in his or her studies at school and the predicaments he or she may be going through.
  • We explain the concepts and follow Ontario Curriculum.
Ready to Enroll Your Child at Megamind Learning Centre?
Students and parents get a free consultation from us after their call. They can tour our facilities, speak with our teachers, and ask questions about the tutoring process. This will help them understand if the tutoring program is right for them.
Apart from offering Math tutoring classes in city of Brampton, we also have Math tutors available in following cities:

Locations in Brampton offering Math Tutoring:


Unit 5, 10990 Chinguacousy Road
 Brampton, ON, L7A 0P1
(Intersection: Wanless & Chinguacousy)


647-927-6463 (MIND)
In-Person Classes at
St. Jean-Marie Vianney Catholic
Elementary School
75 Jordensen Dr,
Brampton, ON L6X 0S1


10970 Bramalea Road, Unit 7
Brampton, ON, L6R 3X1
Intersection - Bramalea & Countryside Drive


Unit 8, 10 Squire Ellis Drive
Brampton, ON, L6P 0A2
(Intersection: Gore Road & Mayfield Road)

FAQ-Math Tutoring

What age group does Megamind Learning Centre cater to?
Megamind Learning Centre offers math tutoring for students in Grades 1-12. We specialize in high school tutoring but also work with students of all ages to help them succeed in math.
Do you offer online math tutoring?
Yes, we offer online math tutoring for students who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own homes. Our online tutoring sessions are just as effective as our in-person sessions.
How do I schedule a free consultation?
To schedule a free consultation, simply contact us by phone, email, or through our website. We will set up a convenient time to discuss your child's needs and goals, and create a personalized learning plan to help them excel in math.
How often do tutoring sessions take place?
The frequency of tutoring sessions depends on your child's needs and goals. During the free consultation, we will discuss the best schedule for your child to ensure they receive the support they need to succeed in math.
How do you track my child's progress?
Our math tutors regularly assess your child's progress and adjust their personalized learning plan as needed. We also provide regular updates to parents on their child's progress and are always available to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.
What is the cost of your math tutoring programs?
The cost of our math tutoring programs varies depending on the program and the number of sessions your child needs. During the free consultation, we will discuss the best plan for your child and provide pricing details.
Can your tutors help with homework and exam preparation?
Yes, our math tutors can provide homework help and exam preparation for important exams such as the EQAO or high school math exams. We offer dedicated sessions to help your child understand and complete their homework or prepare for upcoming exams.
Do you offer summer math programs?
Yes, we offer summer math programs to help your child continue to develop their math skills during the break. Our summer programs are designed to be engaging, fun, and educational.
Are your math tutors experts in the Ontario Curriculum?
Yes, our math tutors are experts in the Ontario Curriculum and have a deep understanding of the math topics your child will be learning in school. They are dedicated to helping your child understand and enjoy math.
What is your cancellation policy?
We understand that life can be unpredictable. If you need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session, please provide us with at least 24 hours' notice. We will do our best to accommodate your request and reschedule the session for a more convenient time.