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Summer Tutoring Camps (Half Day / Full Day)

Children have a lot of time during their summer holidays and this time can be used productively without causing any stress. During this time, students tend to lose their pace with their studies. An academic summer camp is a great way to maintain that pace and still keep students engaged.
Summer academic camps are a great mix of structured study, experimentation and hands-on experience. These camps can help both the students and the parents during the summer, which is why it’s a good idea to explore the programs with us at Megamind Learning Centre.

What is an Academic Summer Camp?

A summer holiday camp that dives into various topics and fields, focusing particularly on areas like STEM and languages. Here are the benefits of attending an academic summer camp:
  • Explore in-depth different subjects: Regular education doesn’t allow much room for students to investigate or explore the subject matter further. This can limit their understanding of it, which has an impact on a child's future education. During our summer camps, we explore the topics in greater detail. Tutors encourage students to look at new developments, discoveries, different perspectives, etc. This helps in developing a secure foundation for future education.
  • Eliminate gaps in learning: Schools have a higher student-to-teacher ratio so educators can’t pay much attention to struggling students. While teachers try their best, students still have some gaps in knowledge. This can be eliminated through summer camps. Tutors are able to dedicate more time, carefully explaining difficult concepts so students can fill the deficiency in their knowledge.
  • Flexible: Tuition during summer camp isn’t as structured or rigid as regular classes. Tutors keep things fresh, entertaining, and surprising to ensure kids don’t feel overwhelmed or bored during the camp. This isn’t meant to be a complete replacement for school during summer. Camps have their unique schedule and classes.
  • Wide range of subjects: Summer camps cover many different subjects, addressing a child’s strengths and weaknesses at the same time. Students can learn various subjects such as English, Math and French.
  • Why Choose Megamind Learning Centre?

    There are many summer camp options available in Brampton. Parents are often torn between different options, unable to decide which one would be most suitable for them. Here are some reasons why you should choose our summer camps
  • Our tutors are well trained in Ontario curriculum and can effectively supplement the child’s education.
  • Low tutor-student ratio ensures students get more personal attention, even during summer camps.
  • Activities are tailored according to student requirements, ensuring they have help to overcome weaknesses.
  • What subjects are offered at summer camps?

  • Mathematics: Our mathematics camps are designed for children to strengthen their math skills through fun and interactive ways. Topics covered range from simple arithmetic to complex algebraic subjects, geometry, and calculus.
  • English: Our English camps aid children in developing skills in reading, writing, understanding grammar basics, and honing problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
  • French: Our camps offer a fun environment for learning French, covering a wide variety of topics from vocabulary and grammar to conversational skills.
  • Abacus math: These camps are geared towards enhancing students' mental math skills, which in turn can improve their overall math problem-solving abilities.
  • Creative writing: Aimed at students looking to boost their creative writing skills, covering numerous topics and leading to activities such as story writing and scriptwriting.
  • Public speaking: Our public speaking camps are designed to help learners grow and enhance their public-speaking skills. Topics include how to overcome stage fright, deliver presentations effectively, and respond to audience questions.
  • Why Choose Our Academic Summer Camp?

    Our summer camps are purely academic and are designed to ensure students learn but have fun at the same time. You can choose between our half day and full day camp options for some of our locations.

    Locations for Summer Camps

    We offer summer camps in the following cities:
    What is the Academic Summer Camp at Megamind Learning Centre?
    The Academic Summer Camp is a summer program offered by Megamind Learning Centre for students who want to continue their academic studies during the summer break.
    What are the benefits of attending the Academic Summer Camp at Megamind Learning Centre?
    The benefits of attending the Academic Summer Camp include: improving academic performance, gaining knowledge and skills, staying academically active during the summer break, meeting new friends, and having fun while learning.
    What subjects are taught at the Academic Summer Camp?
    The Academic Summer Camp offers a variety of subjects, including math, abacus mental math, English, French, and more.
    What age groups can attend the Academic Summer Camp?
    The Academic Summer Camp is open to students of all ages, from elementary to high school.
    What is the duration of the Academic Summer Camp?
    The Academic Summer Camp typically runs for several weeks during the summer break, with classes held daily.
    Are there any prerequisites for attending the Academic Summer Camp?
    There are no specific prerequisites for attending the Academic Summer Camp, but students should have a basic understanding of the subject they wish to study.
    How can I enroll my child in the Academic Summer Camp?
    To enroll your child in the Academic Summer Camp, you can contact Megamind Learning Centre directly. You can find your Closest Locationor visit the website to complete an online registration form.