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Offering In-Person & Online Classes


Making Supplementary Education affordable for everyone
Megamind Learning Centre was established in 2013 when we ran our first abacus mental math program in Brampton, Ontario. Since then we have grown and continue to update with our many different programs throughout Canada.
Rote learning is a teaching technique completely based upon memorization, and we believe there is a better way to teach so that children can truly understand what they learn. Megamind offers a unique mental math program in which students learn the four basic operations, (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) all without the use of a calculator. This is done through the use of an Abacus, an ancient Japanese tool used for the calculation of many different problems. Once students have mastered the Abacus, they begin to visualize the steps in their mind to complete the calculations themselves. It is a way to turn on the power of the active mind.
In 2013, Megamind began offering tutoring in all subjects from grades JK to 12. Whether a child needs help with math, English, French, or any other subject, Megamind is here to help. Our goal is to provide the necessary support for all children to excel in school and get the most out of their education as possible. Tutoring is a service that is necessary for many children to succeed in school.
Megamind has collaborated with a leading online private high school to provide credits to students in grades 9 through 12. Most students learn at different paces, and for some it can be challenging to keep up in school. For others, having to wait for their peers to catch up can be the issue. Either way, private high school is an excellent way for kids to learn at their own pace and get the high school credits they need.
From the very beginning since 2013, our focus has been to make every part of our curriculum impactful and full of fun and engaging activities. This has helped us lead thousands of children down the path of learning. As we have grown over the years, we have earned the support of many parents, educators, and youth-focused organizations in Canada who value our mission of creating the next generation of innovators.
Megamind Learning Centre prioritizes the success of every child as the very heart of our organization and without the support of like-minded entrepreneurs, we would never have grown, or would we continue to grow, like we have. Spreading education and care to children is our mutual goal and can be accomplished if we all work together.