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Why Young Female Parents Should Consider Math Tutoring for Their Kids

Reasons Why Young Female Parents Need To Consider Math Tutoring For Their Kids

Research claims that students who struggle with Math in early grades often struggle with Math performance in later grades as well. This is hardly surprising.

Of all the subjects, Math is one subject where the foundation needs to be right. If a child’s fundamental concepts are wrong, rote learning will not take them so far in this subject. Despite such dire consequences, only 14% of 4th graders took Math tutoring outside of school hours in 2022.

If parents want their child to excel in Math, they’ll need to hire the right math tutors who can streamline the child’s learning and get their basics back on track. Our recommendation? Young female parents should employ the services of a qualified Math tutor to reinforce the child’s math concepts.

Tell-Tale Signs For Your Child Needing Additional Support In Math

Before we talk about why parents should opt for Math tutoring, let’s get the basics right and understand a few obvious signs that indicate your child may need extra help and support with Math learning:

1. Your child struggles with basic math skills: If your child is not able to wrap their head around basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it may be a good idea to spend extra time and tutor them yourself.

2. Your child is constantly receiving a poor grade in Math: Consistently low grade in Math is indicative of an issue with the child’s core concepts in Math. In this scenario, a little extra help can go a long way in improving their understanding of the subject and, by extension, their grade.

3. Your child actively avoids Math tests: Ever notice behavioral changes in your child on the D-day of the Math test? Maybe they fall ‘sick.’ Or they start getting anxious. No matter what the excuse, children tend to avoid subjects that they are weak at.

4. Your child lacks confidence in Mathematical skills: Does your child refrain from answering even the basic Math questions? Do they struggle with applying Math to real-life skills? Say, for instance, they avoid going to the checkout counter during a grocery store shopping outing. Or perhaps, they avoid playing board games with ‘numbers’ involved. These all-too-common scenarios are often reflective of a child who lacks confidence in Math skills.

If you notice these signs, think about tutoring your child at home for extra practice and help them improve their Math skills.

But Why Are Math Tutors Involved?

For working parents, having a Math tutor onboard is a stress-free way to improve their child’s learning. Plus, these tutors come with years of experience in handling children with learning issues. 

Here’s how Math tutors can empower kids to get rid of Math allergies and love the subject right from the very beginning:

#1: By Spending ‘Time’ Tutoring Them

Math tutors, like most tutors, can spend a little extra time:

  • Explaining the advanced and beginner Math concepts and letting the child soak it in at their own pace
  • Letting the child ask all the questions they have in mind without fear of judgment 
  • Planning custom lessons for the child depending on how they’re progressing at home

#2: By Boosting The Child’s Morale

Get this: Math anxiety (MA) is a real phenomenon and is found in most school children. If not addressed early on, it can develop severe mathematical difficulties and impede the child’s socio-emotional development.

If your child is suffering from a math learning problem, ignoring the emotional side effects can be devastating for the child. In addition to the emotional damage, children are often seen experiencing the following effects:

  • Physiological reactions such as sweating and high pulse rate
  • Having worrisome thoughts and math anxiety

This is where a math tutor can ease the child’s worry and boost their morale. They can let the child study at their own time and convenience without invading into their study area. 

In simpler words, these tutors can create a safe learning space where the child is given enough freedom to air their concerns and get their queries addressed, time and time again.

#3: By Letting The Child Speak Out

In a classroom of 30 students, an already frightened child will hardly open their mouth to ask questions when struggling with a specific concept. 

This scenario can take a 180-degree turn if Math tutors rise to the occasion. By establishing routine one-on-one personalized sessions with the child, the math tutor can ensure that all the focus is on the child–and their requisite problems.

The child will also be more open to venting their concerns and will proactively approach the problem at hand.

#4: By Creatively Addressing The Math Problem And Applying It To Everyday Situations

Tutors tend to spend more quality time with the kids than the school. This gives them a decided advantage of understanding where the child is struggling in math. Consequently, they can devise ways to apply the learning in real-life situations. 

For instance, the tutor can set up a make-believe grocery store at home and make the child shop for items. The child can be given fake currency notes to pay for the items at the checkout counter, ensuring they’re practicing addition and enjoying themselves in the process!

#5: By Focusing On Filling The Learning Gaps That Often Go Unnoticed In School

Math concepts tend to build on one another. Now imagine if your child misses out on a crucial concept. This will definitely hinder their progress in subsequent topics. 

Math tutors can take the extra effort to identify the learning gaps and provide targeted learning to bridge those gaps. 

#6: By Leveraging Their Strong Background In Math To Improve The Child’s Understanding

Math is a conceptual subject that mandates having a solid knowledge of advanced concepts (particularly in the later years of math studies). Moreover, due to their extensive experience, a math tutor may be able to provide clearer and more strategic instructions to the child and drive incremental learning.

Another area where math tutors excel is having a different take on things and arming students with helpful resources as well as study material.

#7: By Engaging In Creative Problem-Solving And Teaching Kids In An Out-Of-The-Box Manner

Imparting math skills requires most tutors to take the road not taken. A one-size-fits-all approach certainly doesn’t cater to a student’s individualized learning style. 

This is where Math tutoring can make its mark and revolutionize the child’s math game (pun intended):

  • The tutor can create a “math team” where a group of 5-15 kids can work on math problems after school
  • These team-driven sessions can have an amazing impact on the kids as the math tutor can demonstrate useful tips, tricks, and shortcuts in solving complex math issues
  • The tutor can also conduct engaging competitions beyond the drab textbook problems and inculcate a sense of passion for the subject among the kids

All in all, the tutor can play an integral role in igniting the child’s interest in math–by going beyond the standard “classroom” formula and making the learning as immersive and practical as possible.

Another important fact to remember is that most kids don’t want to take more instructions from parents than they already do. It’s just the way a child’s psychology works. 

Plus, it is critical for the child to get exposed to different coaches and instructors so that they can expand their knowledge of how the world works in a more real sense.

Homeschooling Is Always A Good Idea With Math Tutoring

Many parents avoid enlisting the services of a Math tutor as they feel that it’s more like passing the buck or taking the shortcut. However, they forget that as parents, they are emotionally connected to the children, which can lead to meltdowns and upsets during a study session.

This can deviate the child’s focus and negatively impact their learning. Just as a doctor shouldn’t treat their family, a parent must trust the professional tutor to take on the responsibility of helping the child with their math prowess.

The writing is on the wall: One-on-one Math tutoring can completely transform the way your child approaches–and feels about Math–throughout their academic life. Math tutors can and should be entrusted with the child’s learning of such a specialized subject.

Whether it’s bridging the gaping learning gap or addressing conceptual challenges that the child might be going through, Math tutoring delivers on all accounts. If you are a parent that’s working round the clock, augment your child’s math learning by letting a qualified math tutor take over. 

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